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I miss you-frank ocean (Beyonce Cover)

Where has humanity and compassion gone?

I will never turn my back on my community , no matter how much money i make in my future. Promise.

With that said, I just read  an article about the plight of some of the richest african-americans in our country and how the intent to help their community is practically non-existent. JAY z and BEYONCE for example, you are one of the most powerful couples in America and maybe even the world, put together you have millions yet can barely spare change for your black community. I’m not saying they should feel responsible for the plight of the less fortunate but damn, its so hard for me to even grasp the notion of not helping my community as a whole. I guess growing up in a educated/activist family is what inspired and fostered  it. The ignorance is so apparent in communities of color and because they suffer of poverty they always want what they don’t have or what they perceive they can attain : fame/get rich trying. Its like my generation is blind,blind of what they are going through and the causes. This is exactly where the White man wants us to be. Ignorant of our situation and how to change it. Yes there are many who constantly see, and work for change, like myself. But the amount of ignorance is growing immensely.Due to the education system and the lack of motivation. 

We don’t see the discrimination sometimes, therefore are less inclined to fight back. In comparison to the Civil Rights Movement when there was blatant racism and discrimination, ‘colored people over here, white people over there’. You saw exactly how much more they had then you. Whereas now, its harder to see when you are taught to be blind of whats right in front of you. My heart aches and my anger grows the more I learn. I am so blessed to have gotten and  continue to get the education that I have thus far. It only makes my critical lense stronger and my capacity to turn that into action . JAYZ AND BEYONCE and all the other rich ass black celebrities have the capacity to help our community so much such as ,giving money to schools, mom and pop companies, health care, community centers, programs for the youth. Just imagine what the black community would look like! if we just looked out for each other more, like our ancestors did.

And the fact that they feel completely entitled/no remorse for the millions of their own dying due to the system they were fortunate enough to get out of, is disgusting.

Im ashamed of all of them. I am. because they are just as ignorant as the ones they claim to be better than. 

"Jay-Z is the same man who earned over $63 million dollars last year and only gave $6,000 to charity. Unfortunately, this has become par for the course in a world where poor black people are not nearly as fashionable of a cause as gay white kids from the suburbs. Poor black kids can’t buy your records, rendering them effectively useless"


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Beyonce’s “run this world” influence. Back to the Motherland :)

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Amazing Beyonce Flash Mob in TARGET